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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

middle of the night rabbit trails


1.  Heavy rains in California -  -- it rained pretty bad when we were in California back in January 2010 but not quite this bad. 


2.  Hoping for good driving conditions in the mountains this weekend.  I have family that will be driving through them.


3.  Frugal Babe talks about doing xmas their way… they have already opened their gifts… and other things … -


4.  Remember {for those who have a hard time with certain people during the holidays}  --


If you know the King,

you worship at a throne of Grace. You worship the God who is all-powerful and has all authority in heaven and on earth. You worship the God who is the only one who can tell you who you are. Listen to the truth.

This holiday season, stand in truth and walk in the confidence of your position as a child of God. If you feel anxious or defensive or angry around certain people this time of year, hold tight to your identity in Christ, and ask God to help you love and see people how He does.

Maybe you need to carve out a moment of still to ask God how He sees you.”


5.  Did you catch the lunar eclipse last night?  (I didn’t but here is a great picture.) -


6.  The gift of (strong) words --


7.  A new blog to check out – BE DIFFERENT, ACT NORMAL -- -


8.  I love these t-shirts from WILD OLIVE TEES - - (thanks to the Pioneer Woman for sharing about them.)


9.  And Dave Black sums things up so well…

7:38 AM Looking forward to studying the book of Acts again together this morning. Much of what we call "church" today originated, not in the New Testament, but in post-apostolic times.

  • The Lord's Supper has changed from a celebration to a ceremony.

  • Worship has changed from participation to observation.

  • Witness has changed from relationship to salesmanship.

  • Leadership has changed from servanthood to professionalism.

  • Mission has changed from being missionaries to supporting missionaries.

  • Body life has changed from edification to entertainment.

  • Buildings have changed from functional to sacred.

  • Child care has changed from the hands of parents to the hands of strangers.

The book of Acts shows us that the need great of modern Christianity is to return to biblical faithfulness and the profound simplicity of the New Testament.


10.  okay… I think I may be able to go to sleep… all the words on the screen are starting to blur.   Nighty-night!

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