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Monday, December 12, 2011

The 6 P’s in the case of a disaster striking


These quotes taken from here -

1.  “And then disaster struck. Our state’s largest wildfire raged less than two miles from our home. The whole town was told to evacuate. In the few hours we had to pack, we were told to pack the six Ps: People, Pets, Prescriptions, Personal Computers, Papers, and Photos.

2.  “In the few months since we returned to our unscorched home, I’ve been slowly getting rid of more things. I’m in the process of scanning all our photographs and documents, so if we ever have to evacuate again I can just grab a couple disks.”

3.  “Great story – thanks for sharing it! May I suggest some sort of online backup service for your files, such as Dropbox or Carbonite? I use one, and it’s a relief to know that scans of my family photos are backed up off-site. Should something dreadful happen when I’m not home to rescue a local backup, my virtual stuff is still safe. (I don’t recommend storing sensitive data there, or even on the computer at all. I do keep pdfs of tax forms and the like on a flash drive in a safe deposit box.)”

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