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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Don’t Stir the Crazy Kettle!

This is a great article sharing advice on how to handle the craziness of family gatherings -

Don’t Stir the Crazy Kettle! 

“Family and work gatherings can be a time of food, fun and festivities. It can also facilitate the brewing of a big ‘ol kettle of crazy.  Old hurts, slights and insecurities can flare up into full-blown nutso. Seemingly innocent comments are an invitation to arguments, joking remarks are seen and felt as cruel, snide slashes that cut to the very heart. Far too often, Christmas gatherings can be Christless.

My suggestion to us all, myself MOST of all, is to remember that when you come up on a big ol' kettle of crazy... don’t stir!”

click on this link to read the whole post -

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