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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

gospel grocery stores

This article kind of relates to the article I posted today about a village that has been growing food in gardens at large that also create community.  This article takes a look at churches and compares them to our experiences with grocery stores.  Make sense?  Probably not, but take a moment to read what the author writes… (great stuff).


A snipped portion of the article…

Gardening is hard work, dirty and unpredictable but the rewards are often wonderfully and immeasurably better than “store bought” produce. The church works in much the same way. Unplanned and unscripted is scary because you don’t know what you might get but I would much rather have somebody stumble over a thought or endure periods of silence than sit through another carefully scripted service designed to deliver the maximum religion for the minimum cost. The church is not something we can cram into a couple of hours a week and the goal of church should not be to get in and get out as quickly and efficiently as possible so we can mark a check box on our religion shopping list. Sermon? Check. Singing at least three songs? Check. Shaking the preachers hand? Check. Out at noon and lunch away from the rest of the church by 12:30? Check.

The church is not a list to be completed, it is a life to be lived with one another.

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