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Friday, December 23, 2011

What do you see for 2012?

One of the new blogs I follow called “The Nonconformist Family” has written about the upcoming year – 2012.

It’s all over. Well, almost.

2011 is nearly history, and 2012 looms before us. Not going to lie, we’re all pretty damn stoked over here at the NCF, and here’s why:

A few weeks ago, Sarah and I were challenged by a friend to give 2012 a title – sort of like a chapter heading. We were both like ‘huh, that’s a cool idea’, and then we sort of forgot until later that day. Know what’s crazy? We both had the exact same chapter title in our minds. 2012? We’re deciding what it’s bringing us. We’re putting a theme on it – and the direction of is going to reflect that slight shift. 2012 IS the Year of Adventure - which sounds all romantic and stuff… which I like.


A chapter title for 2012 ---- hmmm, I will have to think on that for a while.  :)

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