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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saving health information from a page on FB:

This is the page this information is from:

1.  'Insulin has many key roles that will not be fulfilled if blood sugars are elevated; let's look at a few of them. Insulin is necessary to pull magnesium into the cell. Blocked insulin receptor sites in the cell mean low intra-cellular magnesium levels. Magnesium is critical for energy production, healthy heart, vascular and blood pressure regulation. Excess insulin in the bloodstream causes retention of sodium, which causes fluid retention, which in turn causes an in- crease in blood pressure. Also, there is a significant correlation between elevated insulin levels and certain types of cancer, namely breast, colon, prostate and pancreatic cancer.'


2.  'Insulin is a powerful regulating hormone and affects systems that we wouldn't normally think of. Dr. Ron Rosedale in his book The Rosedale Diet quotes a study where insulin was dripped into the arteries of dogs and in just a few months the artery became blocked with plaque. Plaque build up can deprive the heart of blood and oxygen and eventually cause a heart attack.
As a person continues to ingest refined carbohydrates, excess insulin continues to be made. It drives the body into a fat storage mode rather than a fat burning mode. We use the term “insulin resistance” meaning "a healthy cells response to excess refined carbohydrates." '


3.  'Insulin is essential to pull sugar or "glucose" into the cell to keep homeostasis in the blood. Because our culture consumes SO many refined carbohydrates, our very cells try to resist excess sugar intake because they can only store a certain amount as fat in a healthy manner. So in order to reduce the amount of sugar coming into the cells, the cells will ultimately reduce or down regulate the amount of insulin receptor sites. Well, that's good for the cells but bad for the bloodstream. Insulin can't get into the cells so it remains in the blood.'
(This is called insulin resistance and it's likely most Americans have some level of it.)


4.  Did you know, the magnesium helps with glucose tolerance and fat metabolism. Magnesium deficiency has been linked to increased triglycerides and cholesterol. Magnesium, along with vitamin B6, is useful for the prevention of kidney stones.


5.  Blood Sugar Control Challenge -


6.  Just so you are aware managing your blood sugar is critical to your entire endocrine system - yes that means a 'low carb' diet...............please read on, I know most women these days have hormonal imbalance, this is gonna be key for you!  -- “How blood sugar affects the adrenals and the endocrine system” -


7.  'Sticking to a diet that stabilizes blood sugar is challenging, due to intense cravings and the addictive nature of certain foods. Also, unidentified food intolerances stimulate the adrenals so that people actually get an "adrenaline rush"

from the foods to which they are sensitive, which creates intense cravings. However, support with the right blood sugar stabilizing nutritional compounds and the determination to weather the hardest period will make following a new healthy way of eating easier and more rewarding.' ~Dr. Kharrazian


8.  How exercise affects blood sugar -

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