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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Spelling Game

I am doing some cleaning and decluttering and came across a great idea for spelling practice that I had to share before I throw the piece of paper away. 

Give each child a poster board grid of one-inch squares labelled A through E down the left side and numbered 1 through 5 across the bottom.  Each spelling word is written on a one-inch-square Post-It note and placed at random on the grid.  Thirteen year old Jeremy has his sister's words on his board, and eleven year old Aubrey has his words on her board. 
To play, Jeremy must ask Aubrey for any square on her grid by stating the letter and number, such as B-3.  Aubrey looks on her grid to the B-3 square, and if there is no word there, Jeremy registers a "miss".  If there is a word in that square, Aubrey must spell it correctly to register a "hit", and Aubrey removes that word from the board.  If he misspells it, it is a miss and Aubrey places the word on a different square to be discovered on a later turn.  The first player to hit and remove all their spelling words wins the game.

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