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Friday, December 7, 2012

ABC’s of Me

A} Age:  39

B} Bed Size:  Queen

C} Chore you dislike:  cleaning the bathroom

D} Dogs:  We have 3 in the family but none are really mine.  We have the old girl – Jazmin (she is 14 years old), Deanna’s dog Licorice, and Jordan’s puppy Buddy.

E} Essential start to your day:  Coffee, quiet, and the internet.  It is my needed routine.  No talking to me until I have had 2 cups of coffee. 

F} Favorite Colors:  Purples

G} Gold or Silver: Silver

H} Height: Five eight!

I} Instruments you play (past/present):  I tried the ukulele and the recorder as a kid (in school).  I also tried to learn the guitar on my own and for one summer did piano lessons but I have never taken to any instrument.  I used to sing not bad but after surgery on my thyroid my voice changed and it hasn't’ sounded the same since.

J} Job Title:   Family Manager

K} Kids:   I have had three.  I miscarried my first baby in 1992.  Then I had Jordan in 95 and Deanna in 97.  I always dreamt I would have 6 kids but after great pregnancies and scary after birth experiences, we decided we would just stick with the two healthy kids we had and keep me around to raise them. 

L} Live:  In the rolling hills of rural Alberta. 

M} Mom’s name:  Teri

N} Nicknames:  Most of my nicknames come from my high school years --- Angel, Duckie, Sherlock… but the one that has stuck was given to me by my mom, she dubbed me Infojunkie because I love to look things up.  My favorite phrase is “google it”!

O} Overnight hospital stays:   A few… after surgeries and after both my kids births.

P} Pet Peeves:  People who are self-centered.  Kids who are picky eaters.  People who are forever late for things. 

Q} Quote from a Movie:   “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.”  Dory

R} Righty or Lefty: I am dominantly right handed.

S} Siblings:  A brother who is 2 years younger than I.

T} Time you wake up:  Usually around 8am.

U} URL favorite these days:   I am addicted to Pinterest. 

V} Vegetables you don’t like:  Canned veggies. 

W} What makes you run late: I am never late, I am always early to appointments and events.

X} X-Rays:   Feet, Teeth… I can’t think of any other ones.

Y} Yesterday memory:   Deanna feeling so sad at the end of a movie.

Z} Zoo Animal Favorite:  When I was younger I loved watching the polar bears at the Calgary Zoo.  Now that they are gone I enjoy watching the seals.

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