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Thursday, September 5, 2013

A notebook I am putting together for Chris


Each day take some time to write your learning activities and experiences in your learning logbook. Both Chris and Mom or Auntie Pam can record things but this should be mostly Chris's responsibility. There are different pages to record the variety of learning possibilities. These pages are titled:

  • Books read independently by Chris

  • Audio books listened to

  • Family read alouds

  • Games played

  • Writing (letters, blog, email, journal, greeting cards, reports, etc)

  • Other reading (Magazine or newspaper articles read, game instructions, etc)

  • Movies / Videos / Documentaries / TV shows watched

  • Websites used

  • Math resources

  • Ipad Apps

  • Classes taken

  • Projects (stuff from Make something Mondays, science experiments)

  • Tuesday Teatime poems / songs

  • Driver's Seat – what did Chris get to teach?

  • Field trips

  • Discussions

  • Character training

  • Skills observed / tried / learned

  • Physical Activity

  • Miscellaneous (anything that did not fit in any of the other pages)

  • WONDERING list (write down things you wonder about, questions you have that you want to find the answers to)

By taking the time to record all of the learning activities and experiences that you have, you will see that learning is something that can happen anytime or anywhere. Learning is much more than just “school”.

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