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Monday, September 2, 2013

Well it is that time of year again…

… time to plan out a new home school year.  I just finished putting together the program plan for our facilitator.  I have decided to do something new this year with the weekly routine, I am planning themed days.  I think this idea will help with some of the boredom we experienced last year with each day looking the same.  Here is what I have some up with so far:



***REMEMBER*** that we are not doing a public school education at home, we are facilitating an intentional learning lifestyle with the focus on DISCOVERY APPROACH LEARNING, which means we focus on the learning, not a product, not what grade the student is in, or what age they are.

DAILY: arithmetic, reading, writing, discovery (strewing).

Once the daily work is done, move onto the weekly theme activities ---

MONDAYS: Make something Mondays! Make a craft, a recipe, build something, Lego, etc.

TUESDAYS: Tuesday Teatime! Share a poem or song lyrics over tea and a yummy snack.

Also we can have Take a Trip Tuesdays! Take a field trip (virtual or real), maybe go to a movie theatre, a museum, take a nature walk, go to the park or some other fun outing.

WEDNESDAYS: DEAD (Drop Everything And Draw) Wednesdays! Check out the drawing pinterest board for ideas, freestyle, or check out a drawing book for ideas.

Also Wednesdays would be a great day for your student to take the DRIVER'S SEAT – have them teach you! They could teach you about a favorite topic, movie, character, how to play a game and so much more.

THURSDAYS: Thinking Thursdays! Go to the library and check out some new books and videos that interest you. Do some research online. Look over your “wondering” list. Do a science experiment. Spend some time on educational websites.

FRIDAYS: Fresh and Fun Fridays! Do a fun idea from Pinterest. Have a friend over. Watch a movie in the afternoon. Play a board game or video game together.

SATURDAY: Ketchup Day! Use this day to catch up one any daily work you might have missed (get it... catch-up day!) :o)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is really good Pam, I like the idea of a daily theme and I like how flexible it is - should work great for y'all this year : )

Good job!