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Sunday, December 5, 2010

No more kitty cats for me



Aak! Cough!  Hack!  I can’t breathe!

I confirmed tonight I have an allergy to cats.

This makes me so sad.

Cats are one of my favourite animals.




We were at a friend’s house today and as the evening progressed I noticed that my eyes were itchy and my throat was “weird”.  And just before we left my chest was starting to get really tight and my throat was itchy.   And now I am home and it really hurts.  I changed my clothes and put them in the washing machine and I have taken an allergy pill… I hope this feeling goes away soon.

Deanna asked me if this means she is destined to be allergic to cats (b/c Wes is allergic and now both my mom and I have developed an allergy to them in our adult years, although we react differently). 

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