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Sunday, December 5, 2010

sunday morning



1.versatile, easy peasy circle scarf --


2.  making a homemade journal --


3.  no groceries till february --


4.  I love some of these phrases for wall art -


5.  a task for this week… read through all the entries for the FELLOWSHIP blog carnival -


6.  Dealing with chronic pain?  check out this book -


7.   what do your gifts say?  -

It’s upon us in full force, the biggest buying season of the year. A giant transfer is taking place. The life energy we call money (representing hours of work) or credit (hours of future work) is exchanged for stuff. Lots of stuff—toys, clothes, perfume, electronics, fancy foods, plus those novelty items that no one ever uses. (Okay, I actually wear the silly socks given to me and wear them with glee. I may be the only one.)

We transfer more than time and money. That’s because there’s meaning embedded in our gifts. We have certain intentions as we shop, wrap, anticipate giving, and finally offer the gift. Our efforts try to say something.

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8.  waiting for forgiveness --


9.  9 amazing reasons to be optimistic --


10.  from Terry:

ABC Beanbags & Backpack

Hidden Pictures Binder

Canning Jar Pincushion - DO

Pattern Weights

Faux Chenille Quilt


11.  I love PW photo contests.  Here are the finalists and the winner of the latest contest --


12.  I love, love, love this list of gifts --


well i guess i should go and do something else today.  i am feeling really lazy though.   i may be back later. :oP

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