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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

beautiful post about church

complete post can be found here -

I thought church was where we sat down and stood up and sung songs together.

a snippet from the post

And I just want to say.

Don’t give up.
on this thing called church.
Because it can be a simple gathering of hearts across the distance.

It may not be in a building.
It may not be in your hometown.
It may not live in the mouth of the fancy preacher on the television.
It may not be what you thought it was your entire life.

It is more than sitting and standing and unanimous voices of song.

Life will continue its strenuous briefness.
But there is glory. There is love,

and church is a Good God’s urge.


and from the comment section:

This is a subject in which I need to find some peace…

I’ve been struggling a lot with what “church” is… I get so weary of the harsh emphasis on one building, one pastor, and that one place being the “right” place and if you don’t attend twice per week you aren’t as *good* as the ones who do. I don’t believe it.

I wish wish wish church was less a competetion and more a connection of love and care that would stretch from one building to another and beyond. I wish that leaving didn’t mean people you thought were friends won’t talk to you anymore.

I don’t want to avoid the gathering, but I do.

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