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Friday, December 3, 2010



this poem was in our local paper this week:


Tuesday night was really cold,

But musicians here are bold.

All arrived to share their song:

Kathleen’s piano plays along;

Karen’s flute gave added hue

To the songs they offered you.

Melonie Gibbs sang “Mary’s Boy”.

That Sam the audience did enjoy.

Mrs. Dickman, Jean, of course,

Is the choirs founding source.

And they delighted everyone

Who conquered the cold night to come.

Talent flows from out this place,

Putting smiles on every face.

Music magic, warming hearts,

Listening to the lovely parts.

We are blessed by listening,

To the music that they bring.


Margaret Ada Isabella Dinnsen

choir 1 dec 2010

choir 2 dec 2010

choir festival of trees dec 2010

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