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Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday afternoon… waiting for everyone… rabbit trails :o)



1.  from Dave Black’s blog:

Friday, December 3

3:26 PM In many churches tithing is not simply a tradition; it is almost a superstition. What does the New Testament teach about tithing? If you have ever worried your brain with such questions, David Croteau's You Mean I Don't Have to Tithe? is the book for you. I am currently re-reading it and can't put it down. Kudos to David (and his doctoral supervisor at SEBTS, Andreas Köstenberger) as well as to the publisher, Wipf & Stock, for being willing to take an unpopular stand on a controversial subject. As David notes in the preface to his book, "When my mentor (Andreas Köstenberger) approved this topic for my dissertation, I was not looking forward to the opposition with which the concepts would be received." He adds, soberly, "I pray that this work will be received by gentle hearts open to the attempt I have made to inductively analyze Scripture's teaching on this complex, important, and very practical subject."

I join you in that prayer, David.



3.  quotes from a leadership newsletter:

Finishing Strong

"There is nothing so fatal to character as half finished tasks."
~ David Lloyd George
"To finish first, you must first finish."
~ Rick Mears
"People who stall in their personal growth work often have counterproductive soft addictions that stand in their way of growth and having the life they say they want. It can be a simple thing, such as watching TV instead of finishing a project."
~ Judith Wright
"It's not so important who starts the game but who finishes it."
~ John Wooden


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9.  I am a saint -  - I cringe at that title.  I know the Bible calls us saints (Romans 1:7) but I don’t usually feel like one. Or think I act like one.  I still mistakenly think of a saint as somebody who is always kind, doesn’t make mistakes, is super spiritual.   Not just regular believers. Like me. Like you. But, hey, we’re it. 


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okay… I think everyone is ready to go.  we are off to peak theater tonight.  :o)

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